Saturday, September 22, 2018


Outdoor Advertising is one of the most effective and reliable types of advertising available to businesses today. And it’s more powerful and more appropriate than ever! Whether you want to create a buzz, reach full of viewers or direct locals to your door, find out how outdoor media can help you achieve your goal. Catchy Pixel is an online platform to connect media buyers and sellers with marketplace applications enabling faster, smarter and better media planning and buying. We bring the entire media sales process online so the brands can discover advertising possibilities, connect with media owners and plan their entire Adverting campaigns on a single system. That means fewer e-mails, less telephone phone calls and a quicker turn-around. Led by enthusiastic problem-solvers and supported by top investors, our team is consists of individuals with comprehensive experience in advertising, media planning, business and technology. 
 Catchy Pixel

High Volume Locations Undivided Attention of the audience Greater Reception in a casual and relaxed atmosphere Extended viewing up to one to two minutes Ads are read 95 – 100% of the time No tuning out, trashing or turning pages Memorization: 84% remember ad details Audience targeted specifically by matching customers. 

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