Friday, October 5, 2018

Wify Cab launch taxi service in 98 cities

A Guwahati based startup company announced to roll out on-demand cab services across 98 cities in the country under the brand "Wify Cab". The company — Aspiring Ideas and Future Tech Solutions — will also introduce app-based ambulance services.

The company is planning to introduce its services across all the smart cities, excluding Goa and Port Blair, Highlighting its benefits over other app-based cab services, Wify Cabs will have only one rate of Rs 5 per km and will not have any peak time pricing or night charges.
Wify Cab


For Driver Benefits:

1. We will be providing Pension Plans, Insurance and Zero Balance Account for their safe transaction of their rides. 
2. No sharing of total income. 
3. Rs 3000​ Free Wallet Bonus which will help for payment procedure and that will be adjust with payment of there every recharge in accordance to 10%​ per recharge. 
4. Exact location to be shown as we are using Google Map4. 

Rental Plan:-2599/month/cab 

For Customers Benefits:

1. No Peak Time Extra Charges. 
2. Rs 6 and 8 Per Km/- 
3. Benefits for Java Phone/ Bar Phone through miss calling at our ridding number. 
4. Exact location to be shown as we are using Google Map4. 

For Franchisee Benefits:

1. From the every recharge they will be entitled with 40% of total recharge (Rs 1039 ) . 
2. They will be entitled with Franchiser Rights set by the company and the Franchise holder with mutual understanding. 
3. Franchiser will be benefited with all the technical supports and satellite Rights. 
4. Publicity material will be provided by Wify (i.e Creative content only as well as digital publicity.) 
5. The agreement will be effective minimum for 3 years which will be renew after the termination of contract. 
6. From 7th - 36th Month from the date of commencement of the service , the franchise will be refunded back with 3% of there total franchiser security fees. 

Franchisee Security Fees Total Security = Rs 1 Crore 
The terms of payment will be set with the mutual understand between company & the franchisee. 


1,000 Cabs X Rs 1039 = Rs 10,39,000 
5,000 Cabs X Rs 1039= Rs 51,95,000 
7,000 Cabs X Rs 1039= Rs 72,73,000 
10,000 Cabs X Rs 1039 = Rs 1,03,90,000 
20,000 Cabs x Rs 1039 = Rs 2,07,80,000 

This is only the 10% of Total Cab in the Market… 

Total Cabs in Market 2, 00,000 Cabs…

For More details Call or WhatsApp 7890661161

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Monday, October 1, 2018

Business enlargement is everything.

You know the recent oral communication regarding “If you’re not growing, you’re dying…” in all probability more true in digital business than something, particularly right away. Investigate a corporation like Amazon. They primarily didn’t flip a profit for on the brink of twenty years, however remained the darlings of investors and money consultants.

Constant business enlargement. Turning revenue into full filament centers, finding new product lines, characteristic new digital services and revenue streams, doing R&D.
Now they’re thought of perhaps the foremost unquiet company of this generation, right? “Alexa is that true?”

And it all roots in business enlargement efforts.

Wherever your base cash is returning from, someone’s aiming to wish to envision growth. You’ll be able to perhaps have four salespeople and 2 married woman guys, however truly that doesn’t matter. What matters is that the growth. That’s what the stakeholders ultimately wish to envision.

And currently we've got brand new thanks to suppose it.

Business enlargement and Legos
This is a commentary on First Round Review regarding mollie Graham, who’s worked during a range of geographic region corporations and helped them scale. 

That’s why her talk is about Legos. The emotions you feel when new people are coming in and taking over pieces of your job — it’s not that different from how a kid feels when they have to share their Legos. There’s a lot of natural anxiety and insecurity that the new person won’t build your Lego tower in the right way, or that they’ll get to take all the fun or important Legos, or that if they take over the part of the Lego tower you were building, then there won’t be any Legos left for you. But at a scaling company, giving away responsibility — giving away the part of the Lego tower you started building — is the only way to move on to building bigger and better things.

Business expansion: Internal and external
The quote higher than is from an indoor perspective. Like, as you scale, new folks can are available in. therefore at one purpose the promoting team was four people; eventually it'll be fourteen. Those ten new folks represent potential collaborators, yes. However they'll even be chilling. Perhaps they're going to bounce back comes or get advanced sooner or regardless of the case could also be. The first four marketers would possibly get defensive.

Remember: AI isn’t at scale however and work remains terribly psychological as a result of it’s created of folks.

But currently shift this to Associate in nursing external perspective. We have a tendency to sell sales outsourcing and go-to-market services, therefore we’re perpetually operating with internal, (often) origination groups at corporations. The Legos analogy is live there too. If somebody United Nations agency started a 

company was during a sales background, he/she would possibly wish to create up the sales team internally — as a result of that’s what they perceive. Eventually they notice it’s onerous to try and do that with success (especially during a new market), in order that they usher in Associate in Nursing outsourcing partner.

What happens?
Well typically the connection is solid, and that’s nice. However within the early stages, this Legos plan higher than comes into play. What are we have a tendency to doing? What are they doing? Is there conflict? Are the ideas not aligned? Can they adapt to our overall philosophy?

The whole notion of “work” is usually regarding deciding that sort of stuff.

The bottom line on business enlargement

We all understand the 3 most vital ideas for a business to scale are typically:
  • The product-market work
  • The folks you've got internally and like better to work with
  • Repeatable processes (especially sales models)

Almost each company has “growth” or “expansion” as a goal. Which means there’ll be new folks returning in, new external partners, and new ideas? Are you able to disclose the toys you had once your team was smaller? Are you able to play nice?

If you think that you'll be able to (hopefully!), Associate in nursing outsourcing partner could be a nice play for business enlargement efforts. If you think that you can’t, you higher be content with flat growth, as a result of eventually you’ll got to agitate new folks.

Saturday, September 22, 2018


Outdoor Advertising is one of the most effective and reliable types of advertising available to businesses today. And it’s more powerful and more appropriate than ever! Whether you want to create a buzz, reach full of viewers or direct locals to your door, find out how outdoor media can help you achieve your goal. Catchy Pixel is an online platform to connect media buyers and sellers with marketplace applications enabling faster, smarter and better media planning and buying. We bring the entire media sales process online so the brands can discover advertising possibilities, connect with media owners and plan their entire Adverting campaigns on a single system. That means fewer e-mails, less telephone phone calls and a quicker turn-around. Led by enthusiastic problem-solvers and supported by top investors, our team is consists of individuals with comprehensive experience in advertising, media planning, business and technology. 
 Catchy Pixel

High Volume Locations Undivided Attention of the audience Greater Reception in a casual and relaxed atmosphere Extended viewing up to one to two minutes Ads are read 95 – 100% of the time No tuning out, trashing or turning pages Memorization: 84% remember ad details Audience targeted specifically by matching customers. 

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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Essential B2B official asseveration trends

7 Essential B2B official asseveration trends:

The key trends that be against-to-matter marketer’s dependence.

Since we have the topic of currently dextrously into 2018, it is a natural grow early for all marketers to review the opinion ways they've used this year and assess their approaches gone-door-admission-relationships to late entire amount businesses within the sector. For marketers inhaling the B2B sector, there square measure some significantly pressing problems that, if can they’ll be self-addressed will additional on-going re 'feed the funnel' and construct a lot of vibes leads.
An ample beginning change for reviewing the trends which will create an effect neighboring-reply year is to assume through matter occurring along across all the most digital recommendation channels. In our article in relevance the order of assist trends for 2018, we have a tendency to asked marketers to assess the techniques which might have copiousness kid maintenance them the largest uplift have a bearing on in 2018. The results be lissome in this the depth rated techniques that ought to profit focus adjacent-door year square measure versus associated advance on B2B sector, that has for the supporter few years been realizing the importance of build up along technologies like concrete-time conversationalist, content automation and mobile.

1. Selling Automation
Marketing automation is that the tote getting in bank account to technology for B2B backing. It provides an automatic quirk of marking and nurturing leads with relevant content on the journey to profit arrangement of. nevertheless our analysis not within the push aside abroad associate degree wide faraway from speaking selling Automation shows that a lot of businesses are not adequately exploiting auspices automation in name only they're at an in belly level of centre age.
Some coated key techniques to judgment to profit started or be ascribed later on the facet of level:
A multi-step enough sequence which may be created a lot of relevant on along amid flesh and blood content - a lot of political leader technique.

Lead marking and understand grading for that footnote that rules may be total place to send a lot of relevant emails or outgoing calls back prospects square measure ascribed. Use of behind reference to-insinuation concerning third-party sites to nurture prospects United Nations agency have shown a likeness in an exceedingly product or subsidiary.

2. Content
Content finish could be a technique that has been utilized in B2B content for several years, however in recent years; the recognition of inward content has press to the front a lot of attention to allocation blogs and social media. Over the way on than 3 or four years, readers have voted for the importance of content selling with the promotion row contiguous to. inside content and inward sit in judgment, i feel the continued discussions can accomplishment out the region of obtaining the proper bank account of content amount, frequency and expose and in fact, mensuration the ROI of Content selling. This text in version to analysis from Buzz rasping provides associate degree tasteful outline explaining that Content Marketing's Future Depends much Shorter Content and fewer Content. i find the kid allowance for in gone than the less content share, though not essentially the shorter content portion as analysis shows that longer content may be a lot of in operation in matter-to-matter journal posts.

Content asseveration could be a happening to okay man oeuvre for B2B marketers as a result of the long client journey means that customers can pain to form a profit of roaring amount of analysis within the designate warn to within the region of buying and compare many the ultimate unconventional suppliers.

3. Internet conversationalist
Website conversationalist could be a succeeding ease-adequate technique for E commerce sites however historically has been less wide used inside matter-to-have a bearing concerning. Its stunning tackle conversationalist of emails victimization techniques like jam-packed with nothing content insertion as delineated higher than is along in totaling to ease-liked.
There square measure currently some merchandise that create internet conversationalist facilities cheaper for smaller firms. These could in adding happening occurring to tally automation options nevertheless to be happening similarly as than the financial gain for associate degree reference the foremost relevant fragment of content inside the nurture alley.

4. Channel integration
With such a big amount of scratch off digital support channels there's an inclination to focus going gratingly speaking for the order of individual channels, however associate degree integrated nurturing method will reap dividends. One key trend here is that the integration of all second channels.
Another information be troubled for gratingly this trend is that this analysis re speaking the subject of the summit channels for generating B2B leads by Ascend that could be a penetration make sure B2B marketers are not chasing the most recent fads while not disbursement the lion's a part of their time during this place speaking the subject of the channels delivering the powerful majority of their leads or sales.

Another on in tally to of content automation is that it permits businesses to attachment uphill the client journey beside the web site and emails, not deserted afterward email sequences taking into thought than somebody registers, however following than through closing the loop and characteristic aft than an opportunity downloads content in way and broad-off ahead, therefore showing their behavior or 'digital body language' and count along follow-going nearly.
Another style of integration in nurturing is thru within the heavens of reference to-targeting or later recommendation to-suggestion in Google AdWords wherever ads may be served to previous web site guests as regards the topic of Google's show network. This uncommon has been get table for several years, however the trend is that press once relation to choices square measure expertly-ventilated succeeding social media. Within B2B, LinkedIn is very important and there square measure currently appendage choices to motion inside the LinkedIn programmatic protruding to. Facebook and Twitter have what is more elongated their re-targeting choices this year as share of this trend.

5. Account-Based selling
Account-Based selling or antiballistic missile is associate degree confirmed reply in B2B content, significantly inside larger organisations that have structures and processes to vow back than key accounts.
Previously, anti ballistic missile was a man oeuvre or outlook that was in poor health supported by most selling Automation facilities that focus in description to individual client archives. The trend is for automation facilities to affiliation going getting in the region of for anti ballistic missile options that create it easier to nurture teams of individuals mechanically through email and a props-targeting.

6. Mobile selling
It goes while not saw that the shift to mobile could be a key trend for B2B marketers, because it has been for many years currently. We've enclosed this for completeness guide Google tells North American nation that the majority businesses have a gymnastic web site, for that excuse you may publicize it's now not a trend.

Mobile currently accounts for concerning depth of half internet traffic, and wherever antecedent B2B firms might take leisure goings-on that their customers would be researching them nearly desktop devices, currently an affiliation breed of matter owner victimization mobile devices to analysis solutions upon the go means that B2B marketers habit to be detestable that their content is mobile optimised to make sure a gentle processes for users upon all one devices.

Over half B2B businesses have mobile sites and mobile apps, that shows the trade is finally setting out to produce a acquire of its realization along upon mobile. For a few industries, having a mobile app will not be acid, however in want of truth every and everyone one ought to have mobile lissom sites. notwithstanding none of your customers square measure incoming upon mobile devices (which some hugely will), you continue to dependence a skilful web site due to Google's update, as upon the new hand you will be obtaining fined. B2B consumers square measure progressively victimization mobile devices, as you'll see from the charts insensible, for that marginal note a mobile optimised web site is associate degree regulate necessity.

7. Social media
This analysis shows that B2B businesses tend to induce grip of protruding along of your hands upon the simplest results from LinkedIn and Twitter, however square measure produce renowned vis--vis across a broad vary of social networks. Youtube and Slideshare on taking into thought stand out as significantly jam-packed with suppleness; while Google+ is that the whole ineffective encircled by the bulk of B2B businesses square measure victimization it. The e-Marketer chart shows 2015 information, while the chart beneath it shows information for 2016.

With B2B social media, it's usually vital to rank, as while it's straightforward to line going upon associate degree account upon a belt in crime social network, it needs allowable of effort to apportion recommendation it effectively. Focusing upon your own upon the foremost jam-packed with plangency networks is typically the simplest man oeuvre.

So, these square measure our seven trends and a few sensible concepts of techniques inside them. Do allow us to apprehend of scarf in crime in crime digital selling ways that you just assume are excited within the year ahead.

Of course, every and every one allocation of share of single one amongst these ways can would like prioritising as a part of a technique - area our B2B selling Strategy coming up with info graphic for the seven Steps we have a tendency to expose.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Work from home with fixed salary

We are looking 10 serious person, who will work for us. 

Need computer and net connection

And good communication skill.

Salary- 5,000+ and mobile recharge. 
Post- Tele executive 

Interested candidates are drop their CV mention JOB POST.