Saturday, September 18, 2021

Are you ready to join the Crowd 1!

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Get involved with Crowd1

It is completely free to join Crowd1. However, you always need a sponsor's link. With that link you can then go on to browse the C-Store and explore all our great products as a customer. If you would like to get more involved you can recommend the products to others as a Member. You can also decide to grow your own crowd as an entrepreneur. Members and entrepreneurs are called Affiliates of Crowd1. To avoid any confusion, Crowd1 is not an investment scheme in any shape or form.

Becoming an Entrepreneur

A Crowd1 Member becomes an Entrepreneur when they have purchased a Starter Package, and started to build their team. Starter Packages can also be earned through the Fear of Loss Bonus.
Entrepreneur status entitles an Affiliate to take full advantage of the bonuses and incentives on offer from Crowd1, and of course to all the benefits of being a Member.

Friday, August 13, 2021

SERA+ Parental Control App, 1st product of its kind in India

Parental Control App 

SERA+ Features

Screen Time
Track how much screen time kids spend online
Remotely screen time schedule daily or weekly app usage
Instant block all apps
Phone activity Timeline
Remotely track phone activities
View what apps kids install or uninstall
App/Game blocker & Usage
Block or restrict specific inappropriate apps
Send instant alert when children try to open blocked apps or games
Website Filter and Brower History
Filter websites to shield kids from porn, gamble or other threatening sites
Track children’s browsing history
Suspicious Photos Detection
Send instant warnings when detects dangerous pictures in kids’ phone albums
View Explicit Images directly on parents’ device
Suspicious Text Detection
Detect risky keywords from search history, received or sent texts on social media app
Setting keywords you concern about, such as Sex, Violent or Drugs
Detect WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and more
Drive Safety
Track records of driving speed, driving time, hard braking
Help teens form good driving habits
Location Tracker & GPS phone tracker
Track your kids’ current location and location history timeline
Create a safe zone for tracking kids and get alerts when they break the planned zone Control Multiple devices.

₹600/- monthly for 1 device
₹3000/- quarterly for 2 device
₹6000/- yearly for 4 device.


₹80/- on monthly, 
₹350/- on quarterly and ₹800/- on yearly subscription.

To know more about this call 

8826443030/ 7890661161

Monday, April 19, 2021

Jana Small Finance Bank Group Loan ID

Jana Small Finance Bank is a small finance bank that commenced operations on March 28, 2018, headquartered in Bengaluru, India. The Reserve Bank of India issued a licence to the bank under Section 22 of the Banking Regulation Act, 1949. Wikipedia

Services are available:

Zero balance account

Money deposit and withdraw

RD / FD(upcoming)

Mini ATM (zero rental)

Group loan

Individual loan

& Much more services you will get. 

Documents required

Pan card*

Aadhaar card*

Bank passbook*

Cancel cheque*

10+2 qualification 

Voter ID card*

Shop rent agreement*

Electricity bill*

Passport size photo*

Email id*

2 mobile number*

Shop photo*

Income certificate

*Mandatory documents


For Distributor ID ₹ 35,000 & Retailer ID ₹ 20,000/- .

Minimum ₹10,000 you have to pay with documents for CSP.

You get a panel.

Minimum 7 working days required for full activation.


Group loan commission
If loan amount ₹30,000, loan tenure 22 months,
EMI will ₹1620 approximately.
Group members minimum 10 candidate.

₹5.25+₹3.50=₹8.75 in ₹100/- collection. 

To know more Call  78906 61161

Call our authorized partner +91 9051818262

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Baby Bunny is the best upcoming play school in India.

Baby Bunny is the best upcoming play school in India. It is a unit of –“Score Global Educare Pvt Ltd”- registered under Ministry of Corporate Affairs and certified for Quality management ISO 9001:2015 and the only organization in the East to have “DPIIT Recognition” in Education by Ministry of Commerce and Industry. Based on the theory of “Education In Innovation” it was our endeavor to establish a School Chain to “Play, Learn & Grow with Highest Level EQ”.

After an extensive research on Child psychology, survey of parents and the current trend of education system, expectation of the parents- We framed our curriculum based on the “Value System” to enhance “EQ” of every kids to be successful in “REAL LIFE” as “EQ” is 80% responsible for the success of a human being. We believe that little minds learn better in a playful & joyful environment. Thus our curriculum has the right mix of international methods like Montessori preschool and Kindergarten school in India with lots of play and fun time. But what makes it truly modern is the addition of “Innovative Learning Method” and digital smart classes into it. Each of our schools has special digital classes along with all the natural study material Kits. where the children interact with digital study materials and learn in a more engaging manner when it comes with other Innovative Teaching Aids.

This helps them get accustomed to the “Learning through Natural Aids” and also gets a bit of digital exposure. So our Kids schools stand on the three major pillars like- 1. Fun filled Activity and “Education through innovation” which will create a passion to go to school, 2. Digital Class rooms- to feel and visualize what they are learning, 3. Motherly Care by our highly trained faculties and World Class Curriculum.

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Join as a Sales Partner

 We are authorized marketing partner of Appan Dukan, Upstox, ICICI Direct & others company.

We are offer to you be a part of our journey.

**Job role business outsourcing.

Services are:

Zero balance Bank account

(Kotak811 ₹150.00 per account/monthly,

IndusInd Bank Account ₹200.00 per account/monthly,

Equitas₹100.00 per account/monthly,

Fincare, Yes, Icici bank, BOB, Union)

DTDC courier (chargeable)

Digital signature certificate(chargeable)

Demat account

( Upstox ₹480.00 per account/monthly,

Motilal Oswal ₹150.00 per account/weekly, 

Icici ₹200.00 per account/monthly,)


IRCTC (chargeable)

Sim activation (chargeable)

Mini ATM (zero rental)(chargeable)

Banking CSP (Jana Bank)(chargeable)

Pan card (chargeable)

BBPS (chargeable)

DMT (chargeable)

AEPS (chargeable)

Group Loan (chargeable)

Amazon delivery point (chargeable)

Amazon easy store (chargeable)

& Much more services.

If you are interested fill up this form:

*New retailer enroll commission month wise

1 to 5 retailer id commission: ₹500/-

5+ retailer id commission: ₹1000/- 

10+ retailer id commission: ₹1500/-

*Per Distributor ₹1,000/-*

Marketing support by company.


Unique Tech Com associate partner panel ₹25,000.00/-

For apply Visit Unique Tech Com

To know more about this call 8826443030.

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

RPL(Recognition of Prior Learning) under PMKVY 3.0

Introduction to RPL

Recognition of Prior Learning is a skill certification component to enable a large number of Indian youth to take on industry-relevant skill certification which will help them to secure a better livelihood.

Individuals with prior learning experience or skills can register themselves and get assessed and certified under the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) component of the scheme. RPL focuses mainly on individuals engaged in unregulated sectors.

Objectives of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

To actively contribute to existing skill development in India by establishing an outcome-driven

implementation framework which evaluates and recognizes skills and knowledge acquired outside the

classroom (informal learning or learning through work), helps people acquire a formal qualification that matches their knowledge and skills, and if required up-skills / re-skills (through bridge courses) and thereby contributes to improving their employability, lifelong learning, social inclusion, and self-esteem.

The objectives of RPL are primarily three-fold:

To align the competencies of the pre-existing workforce of the country to the standardized

National Skills Qualification Framework (NSQF) To enhance the employability and / or entrepreneurial opportunities of an individual To provide opportunities for reducing inequalities based on privileging certain forms of knowledge over - others

RPL under PMKVY 3.0 also seeks to:

Create value by making it aspirational both from the standpoint of the candidate and the

employer. Upskilling / reskilling and inclusivity by certifying people are ways to make RPL


Leverage technological interventions in program delivery by providing standardized content on

digital and financial literacy, online assessments, etc.

Forge strong links with industry by gauging industry requirements, factoring these requirements

into RPL, and thereby creating industry acceptance for people going through an RPL program and

being certified.

Deploy demand-based selective RPL models by restructuring and designing demand-based

selective models for different sectors (organized / unorganized) and improve target allocation by

targeting geographies and sectors based on skill gaps / industry surveys / requirements, etc.


Standard PMKVY T-shirt (For males) / Jacket or T-shirt (For females and Transgender

Standard PMKVY Cap

Study material for that the job role

Eligibility Criteria

RPL is applicable for any candidate of Indian nationality who:

Is of age between 18-45 years.

Has prior experience in the job role for which they want RPL certification and as specified by the

SSCs for those job roles.

Possesses an Aadhaar card and Aadhaar linked bank account.

Fulfils other criteria related to work experience, as defined by the SSCs for the respective job roles.

Final Assessment

Assessment will be conducted by concerned Sector Skill Councils by online after completion of RPL

training. For NSQF (National Skill Qualification Framework) level 1-3, candidates need minimum 50%

marks in assessment to get certified and for NSQF level 4 and above, required minimum 70% marks to

get certified. Candidates, who achieve greater than or equal to the pass percentage for a QP, shall be

awarded the Skill Certificate, mark sheet, and a pay-out of Rs. 500/-.

Monday, February 8, 2021

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